Two Poems

by earthquakeinthepoorhouse



With a Chemie Grunenthal pill-press pop,

a lipid slick blooms on the venereal pond,

clouding the brack.

It tongues at the cloaca of a fatuous duck.

This is how I find you have drowned.

I expect you marched into the dam,

overalls stuffed with rocks and the bones

of frozen sheep.

There surfaces the gristle jelly kidney fat

of a sunripe kurrajong pod.

Paired testes, balled-string vesicles, breach,

and I know it’s not you.

Just another boy.



Said Tasman Wolf


Said Tasman Wolf to little hen,

Run to roost, little hen.

Answered hen to Tasman Wolf,

Cluck! I will outlast you.

Said Tasman Wolf to Dorper ram,

Hide your lamb, mister ram.

Answered ram to Tasman Wolf,

Bah! We will outlast you.

Said Tasman Wolf to fairy wren,

Fly on home, silly wren.

Answered wren to Tasman Wolf,

Chirp! I will outlast you.

Said Tasman Wolf to baby Sam,

Crawl away, little man.

Answered Man to Tasman Wolf,